Wellness coaching focuses primarily on the present and the future, building on your strengths and helping create the motivation to do the things that will lead to a more energetic and happier you.

Wellness Coaching helps you achieve specific goals for your sense of well-being. I draw from Positive Psychology, Peak Performance, Emotional Intelligence, and Temperament Differences to help you feel more vitally alive and healthy.

We work together to help you achieve more joy and pleasure in your life. After evaluating your current life satisfaction and primary values we do a visualization exercise to make clear the life you could be living given the right motivation, information and skills.

One of the many advantages of a choosing coaching approach is that you can do most of it in the comfort of your own home, or wherever you are with a computer or smart phone.

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Wellness Coaching
The Process
How is it Structured?
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I take you one step at a time going at your own pace and comfort level. The process is broken down into small, easy to do steps which avoids undue frustration and ensures a successful outcome!

You can choose either a complete support package lasting twelve weeks or a jump-start program of six weeks.

The Comprehensive Twelve-Week Package is for people who want a major change in their lives, are not sure where to start and want all the bases covered to insure a successful transition to a happier, thriving, purposeful and sustainable way of living.

Included in the twelve week package are:

Comprehensive Evaluation of:
o Your level of life satisfaction utilizing the Quality of Life Inventory
This looks at sixteen different areas ranging from Health, Self-Esteem to Money, Friends, Home and       Community.
o A Values Clarification process
This will insure your Goals are congruent with what is most important to you and will allow more meaning and passion in your life.
o Learning your Temperament Style as it relates to making changes in your life.
o Creating your future with the Life Vision Exercise
- Twelve weekly one-hour sessions conducted via phone (This can be divided into half hour sessions)
- Unlimited email communication (I will respond within 24 hours)

The Jump Start Six-Week Package is for people who have a good idea of what they want and have had some limited success in that direction but have never quite made the new behaviors stick and become their new life style.

This package includes:
- Creating your future with the Life Vision Exercise
- Other selected evaluations and exercises as indicated
- Six weekly one-hour sessions conducted via phone (This can be divided into half hour sessions)
- Unlimited email communication (I will respond within 24 hours)

When considering the cost of this program consider the cost of not making a change in your life. Besides the very real monetary costs of getting sick, missing work and doctor bills there are the costs of lack of energy, missed opportunities and lack of a sense of fulfillment in life.

Do you think you are ready to start living yours dreams rather than just having vague fantasies of how things could be?​​

Please call ​​or email me for more information.  My email for Wellness Coaching only is:  laforgewellness@gmail.com.

You will first do a comprehensive evaluation of your state of satisfaction with your life. This covers topics such as physical health, relationship satisfaction, work, financial and community satisfaction.

You will also evaluate your unique Temperament and do a process of values clarification along with a Life Vision exercise to help you pull it all together. Your resulting goals represent you at your best and not some far off image with which you do not relate.

I do not dictate to you what you need but listen to what you want from me in terms of structure, type of encouragement and type of support to help you bring into reality your Life Vision.

We work together as a team to clarify your vision, to build on your strengths to overcome obstacles, both internal (such as lack of motivation or self–confidence), and external (such as money, time, living situation and your people environment).
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